Family Review: Rainbow’s End

Rainbows End Post

We’ve been talking about going to Rainbow’s End since the spring started in New Zealand and we finally did it and drove our way one fine Sunday morning of November.

The sun was out and the weather was simply beautiful. We arrived at Manukau just before 11am and found a nice spot for parking. Imagine a weekend at Dubai Mall spending so much time looking for a parking spot so small things like swift parking is something amazing to us. Then something even more surprising happened, a Kiwi family handed out an extra pass to us at the entrance for free so Joel paid less at the counter. Lucky day, indeed! For the ticket prices, you can check out the rates here.


Our first stop was the AA Driver’s Town. Clare and her dad rode together while Coree and Seth were in the other car. The kids didn’t wait too long as the crowd just started to build up inside the theme park. We experienced the ride twice and I took my turn to ride with Clare as well.


We then made our way to the Kidz Kingdom. The kids were going crazy with excitement the moment they saw the castle.

Can you spot the happy moms?

Our first ride was the Choco Express. We called it the roller coaster and we went back maybe six times all throughout the day because the kids loved the thrill of the twists and turns so much.

Clare and her dad boarded the Magic Bikes which was fun as well. We tried the Carousel which is always a crowd pleaser. And then the Jumpin Star, Surf N Swing and finally the Car Wash Convoy—the ultimate winner of the day. The kids sat on those rides so many times all throughout the day.

We briefly went to the Fortress of Fun before grabbing some bites for lunch. We ate some hot dogs, french fries, fried chicken and some cotton candy. Needless to say, the kids were very happy with their meals.


We bumped into this pretty fairy and Clare couldn’t resist a hug.

The Stage Dads 🙂

After our lunch, there was a mini programme and the kids got to show their dancing moves and participated in the games. They were very happy and got candies and another hug from a squishy bear.

If you have children below 8 years old, then Kidz Kingdom is enough for them to explore. There are so many things to do already that they’ll be knackered by closing time. However, it was our first time at Rainbow’s End and we decided to check out the other rides as well. So we lined up to try the Gold Rush which was super thrilling. Joel and Clare sat on the front seat and I sat on the back. I didn’t have time to take photos or videos because everything happened so fast it was so much fun.

Then, we made our way to the Log Flume which was equally enjoyable. Again, no pictures because I was scared of my phone and camera falling into the water, I tucked it away in my bag. The journey takes you through a story of pirates and fairies across waterfalls and caves. Clare couldn’t stop being amazed and gushed about everything we saw as the log trip took us into a magical maze. There was a thrill to the experience that the children will truly love.


I was personally excited to try the Motion Master but it left me nauseous after the experience. I think some of the kids liked it though. We decided to head back to Kidz Kingdom again where Clare and Seth boarded their favorite rides so many times we lost count. To say that the kids were very happy is an understatement. It was a fun day for the whole family and a memorable one at that. The rides might seem simple compared to Disneyland or Legoland but I think it was the fuss-free, uncongested feeling, you don’t have to queue for so long and breathe kind of day that made it an unforgettable moment for us.

Here’s a quick video of our day at Rainbow’s End.

PS. There’s a height limit to some of the rides so make sure you check all the details first.

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