Clare’s 4th Birthday


“Sometimes we go between wanting you to be our baby forever and being amazed and excited about all the new wonderful things you are starting to learn and the girl you’re becoming.”

Clare turned four and suddenly I find myself somewhere between old and young. The month of November is always overwhelming for me. It stirs up wonderful and nostalgic memories of giving birth to Clare, the buzz of prepping for Halloween and then the excitement of Christmas holiday just looming (typical mom thoughts). It’s the realization that another year is about to end and ohh boy what a roller coaster year it has been for our family. But, God is always good. He always sends us the battles we need to grow and learn and also gives us the strength to overcome it.

I found this prayer for a daughter that echoes my hopes for Clare. Thank you for following our family journey from one place to another. And while my posts are random thoughts and events in our life, I pray that you find solace, hope and happiness in reading our small life stories and adventures.








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