The Simple Joys of Life

Our stay in Auckland has been surprisingly simple and yet very heartwarming. As the warmer weather approaches in the city of sails, we’ve also just started to enjoy the outdoors after almost a month of hibernation caused by colds and flu adjusting to the cool weather.

Here’s a quick video I made of Clare and her best friend Seth in the front yard. Picking flowers, playing bubbles and running around the house—I remember a quote from Paulo Coelho that says, ‘the most simple things are the most extraordinary things’.

We never really know what’s ahead of us, only God knows. Today might be sunny and tomorrow might be cloudy and rainy. That’s exactly the kind of weather New Zealand has since we arrived and how strange that it also manifests our journey as a family. Even when the road in front of us seem uncertain as it often does, taking refuge in God’s love and in each other is the best way to keep the faith.

Lord, lead us to the right road though we may know nothing about it. Lord, we entrust everything to you. You know more than us even in our prayers. Please strengthen and guide our heart and mind so that we may see the light that shows the way to your will and the beauty of your blessing that surrounds us every day of our lives. 


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