Magical Meliora

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Here’s a photo diary of our quick visit to Meliora Private Beach Resort tucked away at the Imacoto white beach in Barangay Cagmanaba of Oas, Albay.

The road trip took us around two hours from Polangui to Imacoto with smooth roads, beautiful sights along the way and a completely fuss-free journey.

I was completely blown away the moment we stepped out of the car. It’s very rare to find a white beach in Albay having often traveled to places in the region and exploring the beach during the summer holidays with family whilst growing up.

What amazed me, even more, was before stepping foot on the water with gentle waves, a small school of fish swam towards our feet affirming how well preserved the island truly is. The clear blue waters and pristine white sand along the beach looked like a photograph straight from a holiday card.


This is the magnificent view from the two-bedroom resort house built by the Salle-Walz family. It was designed with personal touches by the family members who truly wanted to imbibe the holiday feel from the exterior to the interior design of the property. It also features unique and incredible pieces of furniture to complement the laid-back ambiance of the stunning home.


A small Bahay Kubo stands just near the seashore for easy access and a quick nap in between wading through the water, building sand castles or a delicious merienda. The landscape of the private property is strategically positioned away from the crowded and touristy area of the other beach resorts clustered together and yet close enough to the main road with proximity to the same vicinity.

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Goats roaming around freely at the resort grounds and the kids were fascinated so they all went outside to say “Hi”.


Here’s a better view of the house. It could rival a boracay resort any time in terms of style and design.


It could only be in the Philippines when well-loved children like Clare and her cousins swim on the beach with an umbrella for fear of sunburn by the grandparents.


Clare felt so connected with nature that she truly felt she was a mermaid and took off her swimwear when she plunged into the water. The champagne colored sky was just magical that even I couldn’t say no to another round of swimming session just as we were about to leave the place.

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We wanted to visit the Trinity island and we passed by these green lush surroundings as we did a 15-minute trekking from Meliora through the hills, some swamps and then this sight that reminded me of the movie Cast Away with that shipwrecked effect from the boats. The reflection of the greenery on the water had a wonderful calming effect and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the contrast from the blue sapphire sea of Meliora. And to think, these two scenes are just a few minutes of walk away from each other.

These hidden gems of Albay are definitely worth discovering. The marvelous experience of nature is one that will leave an imprint in your memory for a very long time. The Meliora Private Beach is a family-owned property but if you fancy a visit to the Imacoto beach, here are the nearby resorts that you could explore for your trip.

Victoria Bay Resort Albay, 0917 773 0709

Diwata Imacoto Beach,Β 0906 572 9042

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