Ivy Nail Spa Dubai


I’ve known Ivy for a few years through her husband Carl but it was only early this year that I truly got to know her well. I am blessed to have her friendship and continue to be inspired by the strong Filipina courage and confidence that she portrays when it comes to being an entrepreneur in a foreign country such as the UAE. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Ivy is passionate about everything beauty-related. You will see her personally caring for guests and visitors ensuring that they have they a relaxing and wonderful experience at the spot she calls her second home – the Ivy Nail Spa.

This year has been a tremendous challenge for the Maranan couple as they venture and prepare for the opening of their second branch at Damac Maison Cour Jardin Hotel. A milestone for the Ivy Nail Spa brand, they have ensured that every detail is of utmost perfection. When I visited the location early this year in the midst of preparation, I could feel the culmination of hard work and perseverance by the dedicated duo finally unfolding. And it won’t be long now before they officially inaugurate the new Ivy Nail Spa location.

Ivy shared animated stories of her humble and yet momentous beginnings. Her foray into business originated from her passion for beauty and wellness. She personally believes that time is an immeasurable gift that should be spent wisely and that is why she hopes that a visit at Ivy Nail Spa should always be a comfortable and remarkable one. She has personally trained all her beauty specialists from the nail, hair and body care. She perceives the importance of empowering women in their career and passion and feels strongly for that cause.

INS 1 copy.jpg

The Ivy Nail Spa Deira branch underwent a revamp a few months ago and they have added impeccable hair services to their spa menu. Whether you’re in need of a quick beauty fix or unwind from a busy week and need to relax, the Ivy Nail Spa is your haven of tranquility.

INS 2 copy.jpg

Check out Ivy Nail Spa for more details and information. Follow their Instagram account at Ivy Nail Spa Dubai!




Photographs of Ivy Nail Spa courtesy of Geoffrey Reyes and Styling by Fran Muni-Reyes


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