Macao World Heritage Part 1

The Historic Centre of Macao is comprised of 30 structures and locations that define the cultural exchange between the east and the west spanning over 400 years. All inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, these architectural legacies stand intact up to this day and all of these buildings deserve a visit for its rich and glorious history.

Since our arrival in Macau, we have been to 13 out of the 30 locations. We hope to complete the remaining 17 places soon and mark a complete exploration of these stunning sights.

a-ma-templeA-Ma Temple

It’s the oldest temple in Macau and located at Barra Square which is also a Macao World Heritage Site. The temple has a colorful exterior and it’s definitely worth a visit as it is home to valuable historical artifacts in the region.

Barra Square

Located in front of A-Ma Temple, apologies for the bad lighting but the Barra Square is constructed in the famous Portuguese mosaic with ochre and charcoal. The tiles are laid in patterns of waves to imbibe the nearby river.

Moorish barracks.JPG

Moorish Barracks

This building was used to accommodate Indian regiment from Goa and show prominent Islamic influence in its design. It was built in 1874 by Italian architect Cassuto.


Lilau Square

Lilau means mountain spring and the Lilau Square used to be the primary source of water in Macau. The lovely and laid-back atmosphere of this location make it a local favorite spot. You’ll pass by apartment blocks built in Portuguese style which adds a Southern Europe flair to the beautiful buildings.


Leal Senado Building

I wrote a post dedicated to Leal Senado Building alone. The structure is filled with beautiful history, it’s considered one of the oldest and most important public buildings in Macau.



Senado Square

It’s hard to miss this spot as it interconnects to other historic and tourist spots in the city. Senado Square has played a poignant role in Macau’s economy and history up to this day. You’ll walk past this area going to Ruins of St. Paul, St. Dominic’s Church and Cathedral Church.

Holy House of Mercy

The Santa Casa Da Misericordia is on the right side upon reaching Senado Square. The building has been a nursery and orphanage for many years. It played an important role in the religious influence of Roman Catholic in the city.


The Cathedral

The Cathedral is considered one of the most significant catholic churches in Macao. It’s a grand structure and surrounded with equally fundamental monuments.

Cathedral Square

We love the fountain at the Cathedral Square and the mix of old buildings as background. The scene is very rustic and and has an old world charm to it.


St. Dominic’s Church

Th beautiful Baroque design of St. Dominic’s church make it a popularly photographed attraction in Macau. There is a small museum on the side of the church that holds over 300 Macanese Catholic artifacts.

St. Dominic’s Square

Located in front of the St. Dominic’s Church, the square is a setting of shopping among other things.


Ruins of St. Paul’s

The facade of what used to be Church of Mater Dei is a mix of eastern and western style and functions symbolically as an altar to the city.


Mount Fortress at Macao Museum

The Mount Fortress is located inside the Macao Museum. It has a beautiful panoramic view of the city’s skyline.


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