Straight from the heart


I found this beautiful prayer from a book called Straight From The Heart: A Prayer Companion.Β Β Now that Clare is turning three soon, I keep worrying about so many things. It gives me peace of heart and mind when I pray these words.

Dear Lord,

We thank you for Clare.

She is our sunlight, our joy and our fulfillment.

It is because we love her so much that we implore your blessing and protection.

She needs it so surrounded as she is with elements and situations which we ourselves did not face in our youth.

We do not ask you for an insulated world for her, for in this kind of world she will not grow nor do we ask you to preserve her from all mistakes, for by some of these will she truly be made wiser; but only from such that will destroy her irreparably perhaps with one sure blow.

Look down upon our prayers for your guidance and direction so that we may choose the right words when we educate and discipline her.Β 

Grant us the wisdom needed to be vigilant over our actions as parents.

Lord, you share our creativity in bringing up Clare in kindness and love.

Keep her in good health and help us as parents to guide her from childhood through adolescence and maturity in life.






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