Leal Senado Building in Macau


The markings on this building read as Instituto Para Os Assuntos Civicos E Municipais otherwise known as IACM and more popularly known as Leal Senado Building. A structure filled with beautiful history, it’s considered one of the oldest and most important public buildings in Macau.


The exterior facade of the building has stayed the same since its construction. It is included in the Historic Centre of Macao and was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2005.


At the right side of the entrance hall, the gallery serves as a venue for cultural and art exhibitions.


There are stone carvings on the walls that signify the Roman Catholic influence in Macanese history.



The walls connecting to the garden are designed with traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles in blue and white palettes that reminded me of the blue and white porcelain of China.


There is a charming garden in the middle of the building with flowerbeds and walls adorned with grapevines.


If you cross the road opposite the Leal Senado building, you’ll come face to face with the iconic Senado Square of Macao.


We pass by these structures every week on our market day and we love the surrounding area. You can roam around the Leal Senado building and gallery all for free entry.

Photographs by applesalangsang.com


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