Tales of Taipa: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Taipa Houses Museum and Chinese Garden



The first thing that captivated us as we walked along the streets of Taipa Village was the stairway to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. You’ll walk past gigantic trees and when you reach the top, you’ll feel a bit like it was a pilgrimage and the climb as truly memorable steps.

The destination is not one to disappoint because Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church sits proudly on a hill overlooking the stunning Cotai strip of what used to be the sea. This Roman catholic church in Taipa has withstood the test of time. It is forbidden to take photos of the interiors because one should obviously visit to pray and reflect but the interiors are exquisitely beautiful. My photograph of its exterior does not do justice to its beauty but it is a scenic structure nevertheless. Built in 1885, the Baroque architecture is surrounded by equally incredible sights that should be explored.


The Taipa Houses Museum is just a few steps away from the church. These colonial houses are truly the perfect Instagram spot for an OOTD. It faces the Cotai view with the magnificent hotel structures on the other side of Taipa. Comprised of five colonial and Mediterranean style residences that have been fully restored, these brightΒ green houses preserve the heritage of Macanese culture with relics and artefacts and precious mementoes.


If you walk just a bit more in the opposite direction, you will see a stunning garden that reminded me of a film setting of a Koreanovela. It has a romantic view that will take your breath away. The colorful trees and beautiful blooms are truly magnificent.


The Chinese garden theme extends to the whole area with Panda bear figures on the entrance and Bonsai plants on display.


Everything looked so relaxing and vibrant as we strolled through the garden before we headed off to the church to hear mass.


Clare was so happy running around the place checking out the fish ponds, chasing after frogs and butterflies. The fresh air was simply wonderful. It was supposed to be a few minutes of walk before we entered the church and I just needed to snap photos of how happy Clare was on that lovely day.


You can check out more about the surrounding area of Taipa Village to explore the culture of Macau. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church is located at Avenida de Carlos da Maia, Largo do Carmo, Taipa. You can contact the church at +853 2882 7566 for more information about the parish.


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