Macau Red Market


We had a spontaneous trip to Macau Red Market over the weekend. We were curious to find out if the products and goods are indeed cheaper than in the usual marketplace.


We took the bus and got off on this amazing street with lined-up trees that were all a sight to behold. The green and lush surroundings were truly refreshing. The old apartment blocks were very interesting and the colorful houses brightened up the street. It took us less than 5 minutes to walk and reach the Red Market from this exact spot.

A three-storey building in bold red was easy to find. The structure housed a rich variety of seafood produce that’s available twice daily from mainland China or locally. Each floor features different products. The third floor is for meat, the second floor for fish and the ground floor for  poultry and vegetables. The entire area is surrounded by stalls that offer fresh fruits, flowers, biscuits, and other goods like clothes and house items.


These charming fruit stands lined up the alley around the Red Market building. We bought sweet melon, oranges, and lanzones. They were definitely cheaper than San Malo marketplace and more fresh it seems.


On the other side of the fruit stalls were flower shops of seasonal blooms. Most of the vendors have just started setting up when we arrived but the entire street was already filled up with buyers as it was the weekend.


It was worth the 30-minute ride from Taipa. Clare always enjoys riding the bus and our weekend purchases were indeed valuable. A few blocks from the red market building, we found a store that had a huge toy selection. Their entire second floor was dedicated to items for children. We bought a princess play mat for Clare at MOP $108. There was a huge selection of toys priced from MOP $50 to MOP $100. We had our eye on a Peppa Pig playset for MOP $60 but ended up with an angry bird slingshot set for MOP $27.80 (Clare’s choice of course). We also purchased local sweets and almond cookies at the supermarket on the first floor. I was too enthusiastic that I totally forgot to take photos. It’s hard to miss this store because you’ll immediately see toys lined up on their window pane.

Macau Red Market is definitely a mommy’s secret spot for a bargain and economical purchases. It’s safe to say that we went home happy with our fabulous finds for the day. It’s the best MOPs you’ll ever spend! The Red Market opens daily from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

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