Taipa Central Park


Our home is just a few steps away from Taipa Central Park and we spend at least 2 hours a day at the multipurpose spot. Every day people gather or stop by this amazing area for many different reasons. There are two playgrounds located at each end of the park that features slides, swing, animal rides and monkey bars. It has an incredibly huge swimming pool with a kiddie area. You will also find a gym, a pet area for dogs, a jogging path, a basketball court, vending machines, yoga lawn also used for Zumba, a chess area and my favorite of them all – the underground library.


There are shaded areas everywhere and comfortable wooden and concrete seats combined with a warm crowd that co-exists for a multitude of goals attracting many visitors to stop by and hit pause in their lives for a bit. Whether it’s playtime, exercise, swimming, reading or reflection, we are thankful for the Taipa Central Park in our neighborhood.


These days it’s been the best place to make new friends, especially for Clare. We’d bring our bubbles and she’d go running around for an hour which is great because toddlers have this huge amount of energy that’s simply insatiable.


Everything around the area is free for use except the Taipa Central Park swimming pool that entails an entrance fee of MOP $15. It is open from 7am to 9pm on Tuesday to Sunday and it is open from 1pm to 9pm on Mondays.

Photographs: applesalangsang.com


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