Our First Month in Macau

One month ago after two planes, and one ferry ride, we finally arrived in Macau. The most precious part is seeing Clare reunited with her dad and then suddenly all my muscle pains and migraine from carrying a two-year-old tantrum throwing toddler across three airports were all gone.


Fast forward later to a month in Macau, we are truly in love with our new home and we are learning lots of new things about life in general. From learning to take the public transportation again to saying take out instead of take away from restaurants, to meeting new people and making new friends which trust me can be a bit scary for an adult like me but easy as pie for a bubbly kid like Clare, we are definitely making wonderful new memories one step at a time.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve discovered about Macau so far.


Everyone loves walking and it’s amazing! I feel fit and healthy already just writing it as a testimony. I am not joking when I say that Clare is the chubbiest two-year-old in the playground. I’ve noticed that almost all the kids are encouraged to walk and exercise in a good way. We’ve been out every day in the past weeks and we’ve walked to every shop to find what we need for our home. This walking business is truly life-changing!


There are restaurants in every corner that greatly describes the locals’ love for fantastic food.  Macanese cuisine is a beautiful blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines, with significant influences from Southeast Asia. It is a relief to know that Joel will not starve to death because of my dangerous cooking skills.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.07.20 PM.pngThere are remarkable things to discover in our neighborhood such as the underground library in the Taipa Central Park, ancient temples, marvelous museums, stunning churches and historical sites.

I also stumbled upon the most incredible website called LIVE and LOVE MACAU where you’ll find everything you need to know about the city whether you’re a tourist or a resident!


I still miss Dubai and it is incomparable to Macau. Macau has its own unique charm and it will take me some time to explore its beauty and learn to adapt to its vibrant way of life.  So until then – our family prayer for our new expedition continues…

Lord, we thank you for this new chapter in our lives. We believe that we are on this path for a reason and that it is your will that we embark on this adventure with you. 

Please bless our new home and bless our endeavors as we face new challenges in our daily lives. Please grant us the patience to learn new things and new lessons with each new experience. 

Please guide our heart with the right words, the right actions, and the right decisions according to your will as Joel and I make way to build a happy home for our daughter, Clare.

May we always keep our flame of faith burning so that we may lean on you every second of our lives.


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