My Dubai

It’s bittersweet that my first post on this blog marks our last day in Dubai. I can still remember the day I set foot in this incredible part of the earth. The breathtaking views of skyscrapers meet the Arabian Gulf, the dynamic scene, the intertwined lives of people from all over the world and the life I have now were all molded in this city. I never imagined that I would meet Joel here and my life would never be the same again.

This place will be forever engraved in my heart for the magnificent memories forged within every moment of my seven-year and seven-month stay. I can write countless experiences but for now, these poignant milestones during the different stages of my life in Dubai perfectly captures my best memories.


I was a little lost when I arrived on the shores of Dubai. I had no idea where I was headed and so it felt like I could start and do anything I wanted to. This snap of me aptly defines my soul searching period. I look at this photograph and think how far I’ve journeyed to be where I am today. I imagine the feeling I had on this day and wonder how great God is to have nurtured me into who I am now. It can only be his will that I have what I have now and lost what I lost then.

EW Awards 2015-6049

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures. People from all over the world live together in this city in amazing co-existence. I am truly lucky to have met remarkable men and women from all over the world and have marveled on their traditions, lifestyle, and personal journey. I have been blessed to have worked with an awesome team in the last seven years. We all spend a huge amount of our time at work five days a week and those precious moments should be something we should take pride on doing every day along with the people we work with. Starting from Dubai Voyager, Definitely Dubai, HELLO! Middle East, Emirates Woman Group and Jumeirah Magazine, I only have great memories and experiences that I will treasure in my heart forever.


I found love in Dubai that is why it will always be a special place. I met Joel in 2010 and my life changed completely. Read my full version of our love story here. I learned that to find love you must first love yourself. Be the kind of person you want to love.

Love is a decision – when you do find that someone, you must decide every day to choose to love that person completely and unconditionally!


Joel and I owe a lot of our blessings to the fact that we live and work in Dubai. I have struggled with my fertility and health at an early age and so having Clare in our lives is truly a miracle. I hope to share our baby story someday and inspire others to have hope and faith.

Having a child is probably the most life-changing experience a woman will ever experience. I am still learning how to be a good mom every day and I hope that starting this blog and writing about things that matter to me will share some inspiration, insight and just plain update to our family and friends of how our life goes on as we venture on a new chapter of our life in Macau.

I would like to thank our entire Dubai family and friends for the love and friendship. There are too many of you who have touched our lives and made us feel loved beyond words. You have truly made our years in Dubai epic and unforgettable.


From swimming with the shark in Dubai Mall Aquarium, building a house for charity in Oman, making new friends and rediscovering Christ at SFC, failing in love, falling in love, beating countless deadlines, traveling alone, being the proud mom of a cover baby, finding myself again and learning new things and just moving forward – Dubai has definitely been the city of my dreams!


Writing this first post made me reminisce, cry, laugh and ponder on a lot of things. Most of all, it has made me look at the road ahead with more enthusiasm than before. What a journey it has been indeed! #MYDUBAI

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